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Pet Business Magazine was been found in 2012 in UAE, it gives you good articles and research about pets leading you to understand the nature of your pet with more details about it.

Our Magazine is about pets, pets’ lovers, pet businesses and public health.

Because we are working to substain high standards, we are looking to have the best vets, clinics, articles, reviews of only the highest quality products, the good companies and the creative new ideas and projects that we will support through our site.

Trying to provide a better life for the pets by advising their owners and helping them to choose the best clinics, products and the best food, that’s why we are trying to choose even the products that we will advertise for in our magazine. Pet business Magazine is taking animal welfare in consideration and trying to ensure a better understanding of the public health.

Pet Business Magazine concentrates on the special shape, the idea of the articles, reviews and the communication with the readers through that, so they will be more interested in the message which we would like to tell and share with our readers.

Our magazine will be distributed every 3 months in and all over UAE (Pet shops, Clinics, Kennels, Hotels, Dubai Municipality, along with other well chosen places such as veterinary medical companies and exhibitions).

Our goal for our online magazine is to provide monthly updates about pet-centric topics.